The 10 best robot vacuums with automatic dirt disposal

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Robots come in different shapes and sizes with varying features and functions. Some robots feature different kinds of navigation systems that dictate how they will clean the home. Certain robots have mopping features, while others are simply for sweeping up and suctioning the dust and dirt. Nevertheless, basic robot vacuums usually have common components or buttons to make them start and go, charging bases where they can re-dock once their battery is low, and the like.

One of the things these robots have in common, though, is the presence of dust bins—little containers on their bodies where the robots vacuums place the dust, dirt, and debris they have swept up. What differs is what the robot vacuums do with the dirt. While a lot of them need to be emptied manually, there are a number of robots that are equipped with automatic dirt disposal.

Top 10 best robot vacuums with automatic dirt disposal

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Rank Image Robot vacuum Score Verdict Price
1 Ultenic T10 Ultenic T10 90 Good $ 399
2 iRobot Roomba i7+ iRobot Roomba i7+ 89 Good $ 799
3 Ecovacs Deebot N8 PRO+ Ecovacs Deebot N8 PRO+ 88 Good $ 700
4 Honiture Q6 Honiture Q6 88 Good $ 500
5 Neabot Q11 Neabot Q11 88 Good $ 600
6 iRobot Roomba i3+ iRobot Roomba i3+ 82 Satisfying $ 450
7 iRobot Roomba s9+ iRobot Roomba s9+ 80 Satisfying $ 1,299
8 Dreame Z10 Pro Dreame Z10 Pro 80 Satisfying $ 599
9 iRobot Roomba j7+ iRobot Roomba j7+ 74 Sufficient $ 820

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What is automatic dirt disposal?

Robot vacuum cleaner with automatic dirt disposal

When a robot vacuum’s dust bin is full, it will either stop working until the contents are dumped out or if the robot comes with a sensor, it will flash a light on its body, or a notification will pop up in its app to indicate that it needs to be emptied [1].
Automatic dirt disposal, however, happens when the robot is able to get rid of the dirt in its dust bin on its own.

Most robot vacuums that have automatic dirt disposal come with a bin in their charging base [2]. Once the robot is done with its cleaning, it will automatically return to its charging base and, from there, transfer the dust to a paper bag to be thrown out. In some cases, the disposal bin in the charging base can hold up to two months of dirt, dust, and debris [3].

Pros & cons of a robot with automatic dirt disposal

Just like other robot vacuums with various features, there are pros and cons that come with purchasing a robot vacuum with automatic dirt disposal. Some of them are:


  • Hassle-free: A common complaint among robot vacuum users is the fact that they need to empty their robot vacuum’s dust bin every time a cleaning session happens—something that can be a tedious chore for those whose schedules are always busy. Some robot vacuums with smaller dust bins might even need to have their dust bins emptied while cleaning is taking place if there is too much dirt and debris on the carpets and floors.

    With the introduction of automatic dirt disposal in robot vacuums, people can enjoy having their houses cleaned without worrying that the robot might have to stop in the middle of a cleaning job. Because some robot vacuums can also store more dirt (e.g., more than just after one cleaning), the bag containing the disposed dirt and dust does not have to be emptied every day or after every cleaning session.

  • Great time-saver: Robot vacuums with automatic dirt disposal can save a lot of time and effort for those who have busy work schedules and are not able to delegate as much time and energy to cleaning and maintaining the house.

    Getting a robot vacuum with automatic dirt disposal helps people maintain a clean home despite their busy schedules. Robot vacuums that have this feature take cleaning from a messy, time-consuming job to something that doesn’t require that much focus and attention so people can spend their time doing other things that require more of their attention [4].

  • Cleaner air: Some robot vacuums that come with automatic dirt disposal boast of cleaner air in their homes. That’s because the dirt that comes from the dust bin is no longer exposed to breathable air since it makes the transfer within the body of its charging base. During this transfer, dust and other particles don’t escape into the air [2]. This is especially helpful for households with members who could be sensitive to pollen, moulds, and other allergens.


  • More expensive: The more a product has bells and whistles, the more it will cost, such as in the case of robot vacuums that come with automatic dirt disposal. While regular robot vacuums cost a couple of hundred dollars, some robot vacuums with self-emptying dust bins can cost up to a thousand dollars.
  • Additional cost for disposal bags: Aside from the cost of the body of a robot vacuum, there will be a need to regularly buy the disposal paper bags that the robot empties its dust bin into. While some robot vacuums can hold several weeks of dirt and debris, it will always depend on the size of the house they are cleaning as well as the dirtiness of the floors [3]. Houses that have lots of pets (especially pets that shed a lot of hair) might find that they will need to empty the disposal paper bag more often.

Who is a robot vacuum with dirt disposal suited for?

  • People who don’t have a lot of time in their hands:
    Whether they are working from home or are regularly reporting to the office for work, people with time constraints will find robot vacuums with dirt disposal very helpful. Instead of looking after their robot while it is cleaning to look out for indicators that the dust bin is already full or ensure that the dust bin does not overflow, they can just check the disposal in the charging base once a month or so. This takes cleaning time off their hands that they can use to do other things.
  • People who are not always at home:
    Robot vacuums with dirt disposal can be a big help to people who are rarely at home but still want to ensure that their house remains neat. If they forget to empty the dust bin before leaving and setting their robot’s cleaning schedule for the day, they don’t need to wait until they return for the robot to clean.
  • People who don’t have the energy to oversee their cleaning:
    Robots that don’t have dirt disposal require supervision because the dust bin might need to be emptied in the middle of a cleaning session. Robots that come with dirt disposal either automatically dump their dust bin contents or can be directed back to the charging base through a few taps on their app.
  • People with big houses or houses with multiple rooms:
    Big houses which have a lot more floor area to clean require a bigger dust bin capacity. If not, people will be forced to check on the robot multiple times to empty the dust bin once it gets full from suctioning all the dirt and debris. Robot vacuums with dirt disposal can easily and efficiently clean homes as they can empty their dust bin contents in the disposal bag before resuming the work until the whole house is clean.


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