10 Robot Vacuum Cleaners For High Thresholds / Doorsteps

18. July 2023

Want to know which robot vacuum cleaner can climb over the highest doorsteps? Keep reading to find out.


Top 10 robot vacuum cleaners with the highest threshold height

Robot vacuum cleaner Threshold height
0.87 in
0.79 in
‎Laresar L6 Pro 0.79 in
Roborock S8 Pro Ultra 0.79 in
Dreametech L10s Ultra 0.79 in
Dreametech D10 Plus 0.79 in
Roborock Q7 Max+ 0.79 in
0.79 in
0.79 in
0.79 in
Updated July 13, 2024 | See the full list

About the threshold height

Demonstration of a robot vacuum cleaner crossing over a carpet and door step

The threshold height for a robot vacuum cleaner refers to the maximum height that the device is able to cross over without getting stuck. This is one of the main features to consider because it determines which surfaces the robot vacuum can effectively clean. A higher threshold height allows the vacuum to easily navigate obstacles such as door thresholds and high pile carpets, while a lower threshold height limits its ability to maneuver these surfaces.


How is the threshold height distributed across robot vacuum cleaners?

This chart shows the distribution in the threshold heights across robot vacuum cleaners:

Updated July 13, 2024

Most robot vacuum cleaners have a threshold height of approximately 0.79 inches.

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